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The word Kleitoris was used over 2,500 thousand years ago by the ancient Greeks to describe a part of the female genitals, most probably the Labia Minora or Inner lips of the Vagina. In 1593 at the trial of a woman accused of witchcraft, the inquisitor (a married man) discovered a Clitoris for the first time. When he saw this "little lump of flesh sticking out to the length of half an inch" he decided that it must be the "Devil's Teat". The other inquisitors, likewise astounded, agreed and on this fact the woman was convicted and executed for witchcraft. The word "Clitoris" first appeared in the English language in 1615, it was used in an early anatomy book to describe a small, sensitive organ located underneath the upper apex of the Labia Minora.


The Clitoris is exactly equivalent to the Penis, male and female erections and orgasms are very similar. "The only difference between men's and women's erections, is that men's are on the outside of their body, while women's are on the inside." Sheer Hite "The Hite report" Bloomsbury.

Behind the Clitoral tip or "Glans of the Clitoris (equivalent to the head of the Penis) is the Clitoral "Stem", a couple of centimetres long; while leading down either side of the Vagina are two very thin "legs" or suspensory ligaments of the Clitoris. These legs are five or six centimetres in length and follow the line of the Pubic bone, they are shaped roughly like a wishbone and the anchor the Clitoris to the Pubic bone.

The whole structure of the Clitoris forms a triangle, which is bound by the Glans of the Clitoris at it's apex, and the base is formed by the transverse muscle on the far side of the Vagina. Within this area are spongy tissue areas which fill up with blood during arousal, until they are roughly equivalent in size to the erect penis, all this is linked to the muscles in and around the Vagina and Anus.

Like the Glans of the Penis, the Glans of the Clitoris is the most sensitive part of the whole Clitoral structure, and can focus and increase the sensations received elsewhere. It is Pressure (direct and indirect) on the Glans which triggers orgasm. All orgasms, whether through penetrative sex or other stimulation, are both Clitoral and Vaginal. They start in the Clitoral system and are experienced through contractions there and in the Vagina. If the inner legs of the Clitoris are sufficiently erect, they may grip around the base of the Penis, and this can stimulate the Clitoris by pulling the Clitoris hood backwards and forwards over the Glans of the Clitoris. However, this isn't a very effective means of stimulating the Clitoris, because as it becomes erect the Glans of the Clitoris retracts from the hood and back into the body.


As a recent report on television showed, 90% of men couldn't find the position of the Clitoris on a detailed medical diagram, if they can't do it in broad daylight with a road map imagine how much trouble they have in the dark! As most women don't receive a great degree of stimulation from penetrative sex, they require some degree of foreplay to be able to orgasm during sex. The piercing also helps with foreplay, because as one women told me "X marks the spot, and he's got no excuse now!", most women also find that their partners like to play with the piercing prior to sex.

The Clitoris hood piercing makes sex far more enjoyable by providing a greater degree of stimulation, the piercing rubs directly on the Glans of the Clitoris and provides the extra sensation required to enable women to orgasm from sex as easily as men. It also makes masturbation very enjoyable because of the extra sensation it gives.

One woman came to me who was classified as clinically frigid by her doctor, on examination I found that she had an overdeveloped Clitoris hood which prevented any stimulation of the Clitoris during sex. One week after having a Clitoris hood piercing she experienced the first orgasm of her life.

"After 10 years of marriage we were looking for a boost. We found the answer. The increase in genital sensitivity is tremendous!, and the quality of our love making is beyond belief." Jill, 40

"I never had orgasms from penetrative sex. Now I have one or more every time. Woooh!" Tracey, 34

"I have a pretty small Clitoris, I think, and I've always found it hard to orgasm. My Clitoral hood piercing just made my sex life so much better. I love it. Gawd, I sound like a Weight Watchers ad!" Melanie, 25

"It was just something I wanted to try. The main difference is that you get horny more often, it's constant stimulation, my partner loves it." Cathy, 27, nurse

Quotes from Australian Women's Forum 1995


Although the Clitoris itself can be pierced, it is quite rare because the Clitoris must be very well developed to be pierced and that only occurs very occasionally. However, if you are considering getting a Clitoris piercing you should get a Clitoris Hood piercing first, this is because the Clitoris Hood piercing causes the Clitoris to grow in size (sometimes three times it's normal size) this makes piercing the Clitoris easier. I don't like to pierce the Clitoris itself because of the danger of hitting the nerve which provides the stimulation in the clitoris and causing permanent loss of sexual function.

The Clitoris Hood piercing is the most common because it is easier to perform, and it also provides a greater degree of sexual stimulation, more than any other piercing (male or female). The Clitoris hood can be pierced either vertically or horizontally, the vertical piercing is the most common, it is usually performed using a barbell. The barbell must be positioned exactly so that the ball sits exactly on top of the Clitoris, it is the ball which provides the extra stimulation that this piercing is famous for. The piercing can be performed horizontally with a ball closure ring, but I believe that the vertical barbell style is more stimulating and comfortable.


Provide that it is cleaned and looked after properly the piercing should heal within 2-3 weeks. Infections are very rare and the piercing heals very quickly because the amount of skin pierced is very small, and the vagina is protected from infection by a mucous membrane which is slightly acidic; this acidity makes it hard for bacteria to live.


You should refrain from sex for at least 2-3 days, and you should be very gentle for the first week, if you feel a sharp pain while having sex (during the healing period) you should stop or you could tear the piercing. The piercing will not tear out, but just tear slightly, this can be painful and can lead to infections, however, in my experience tearing is quite rare. You should wear clean! cotton underwear for 4 weeks as this allows the wound to breath and minimises the chance of infection.

Cleaning is very simple, salt water baths help promote healing, and prevent infections, you should try to have one at least every second day for the first 2 weeks. Simply dissolve some table or Sea salt in a glass of hot water and add it to the bath, approximately 1 tablespoon to a glass should be sufficient. The application of a drop or two of Lavender oil will reduce any tenderness and help promote healing.

Under no circumstances should you use anything Like Methylated Spirits, alcohol, Tea Tree oil, or any other chemicals as they can destroy the delicate balance of natural bacteria in the Vagina and can result in a Thrush or Candida infection, which can be very difficult to get rid of. It's best to try and avoid underwear made of synthetic fibres, natural cotton underwear will help healing, if you have to wear pantyhose at work, make sure you remove them immediately after work, and have a salt water bath.

©Cheyenne Morrison, The Piercing Temple, Australia 98.

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